Oils at a day spa in Taiwan

Oils at a day spa in Taiwan

Following on from the success of Clarion Call, Selina Maitreya is organizing another photography telesummit scheduled to take place in June. Clarion Call II will be a one day event on June 10th. We got together on Skype yesterday to chat for a while about Pricing From Value and covered topics like how photographers can assess value and what constitutes value. You can listen to it below.

Clarion Call II

[audio: http://www.craigfergusonimages.com/pricingfromvalue.mp3]

You can sign up for Clarion Call II here.

Here is the press release announcing Clarion Call II.

Clarion Call II Press Release

Clarion Call JUNE 2011; Professional Photography Telesummit Offered For Commercial Photographers

(Acton, Ma)
Seven of the world’s greatest photography experts have joined commercial photography consultant, Selina Maitreya, for a world wide, online event to teach commercial photographers how to effectively price, negotiate, and license assignmet photography in today’s market. The goal is to empower photographers by providing them with pivotal information from national clients, respected consultants and successful photographers working daily in our industry.

Photographers will be asked to pay a fee to attend this event. However photographers will decide how much they pay. “ In the spirit of community I am asking photgraphers to look into their heart to see how much time they will spend with us and how much value they feel they will receive.” states Maitreya. “Then they should look into their wallets to see how much they can afford. There is a price point for everyone.”

Clarion Call JUNE 2011; Professional Photography Telesummit will take place June 10 ,2011 from 12p.m. –7p.m. est This is a live event hosted by Maitreya.

Clarion Call II website

Each featured expert will share their knowledge, insights and industry secrets on how commercial photographers can price, negotiate and license assignment photography and grow their business in today’s economy. Included are leading experts in the professional photography industry including :Aric Rist :NIKE Global Brand Photography Manager, Art Buyer Beverly Adler, ASMP National education Director and photographer Susan Carr, Photo Closer Frank Meo, Videographer Gail Mooney, and International Consultant Maria Piscopo.

Items of discussion will include: The project rate pricing formula, how to set you base rate, the clients perspective, negotiating steps to take to getting to yes, setting rates for motion, how to price for multiple useages.

During the seven hours of nonstop content, participants will learn:

How and why photographers who “value” themselves are able to negotiate hire fees.
What questions you need to ask in order to bid a project with multiple useages.
What the two most important questions are to ask when bidding a project. Miss this and you miss lots of business.
Secrets to getting your prospects to spill the beans about their budget.
Why win- win negotiating is what works and how to set the tone for a win for all.
How to price for motion.
Keys to building an effective quote.
How to learn who you are competing against.
When walking is the right move.
How to utilize pricing tools for success.
How to build a business that will THRIVE!
“If there’s one thing I know about the photography industry there is always something to learn. Yet, who we learn from is extremely important,” shares Maitreya.

“As a photography consultant I am committed to helping as many photographers succeed in their business. For this reason I encourage you to join me and 7 leading experts for a telesummit that will rock your world.

Seating is limited for this event. Registration details may be found at the Clarion Call website.

Transcripts and recordings for purchase will be available following the event.

Clarion Call II