Looking from the Zhongzheng Bridge toward Yonghe.

Post-typhoon riverview. Convertted to black and white and processed with Tom Bourdon’s Curves – Blues Up preset.

This is not the first time I’ve posted about Lightroom Develop presets and it likely won’t be the last. They are just too handy and efficient not to have as an important part of my workflow. My collection of presets has recently increased after friend and colleague Tom Bourdon released his collection of 90 different ones. They range from exposure adjustments in 1/3 stops through white balance, contrast, saturation, black and white, split tones, color levels, curves and vignettes.

I often find that my Canon cameras have a tendency to underexpose a bit, and I regularly make use of exposure compensation when I’m out shooting. There are times however when I don’t have it dialed in for one reason or another, and need to give my images an exposure boost. With an exposure preset such as the ones found here, I can set that to apply on import so that my photographs have that exposure adjustment applied and I’m good to go with any other processing needed. I can do the same with global adjustments for contrast or color temperature or anything else. Easy batch processing on import saves a lot of time.

All in all, there are 90 presets designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Less time spent making adjustments means more time behind the camera. You can head over to Tom Bourdon’s site to grab the collection. They go for $40 but you can use the code craigsdiscount and get them for $25 if you act before next weekend. Here’s the link http://tombourdon.co.uk/downloads/lightroom_presets_workflow_collection/

I’ll leave you with a few more photographs processed using the presets.

Taiwanese night market

Fun in the market – processed with Hign Contrast BW 2

Taiwanese tea on shelves

Tea. Processed with A Touch of Sepia

Chinese opera

Chinese opera. Processed with Contrast +100 and Desaturate 1.