Photo of a policeman on traffic duty by Craig Ferguson

Traffic Duty

Street photography is not my main forte but it can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s incorporated into the daily routine. As I go about my day, moving to appointments, running errands or just heading out to eat, I’ll carry a small camera with me and photograph anything of interest along the way. For a long time I did most of that with the camera on my Samsung smart phone but over the past month or so I’ve been taking a Fuji X-20 along with me and pulling it out from time to time. It’s quite a different way to photograph compared to the way I use my workhorse camera but that’s half the fun. Here’s a small selection of images shot on it over the past few weeks and converted into black and white.

Photo of men on the subway.

Reading time.

Photo of a recycling mama by Craig Ferguson

Recycling mama

Photo of delivery men crossing a busy road.


Photo of a sidewalk market table by Craig Ferguson

Sidewalk Meal

Photo of a street vendor stand in rainy Taipei by Craig Ferguson

Street eats in the rain.