Photo of Jiufen alleys at night.

Heading Home..

It’s been a while between posts so I figure it’s time for an update on various things in the world of Craig Ferguson Images. As you may know, I was out of action for a while due to a broken wrist. That’s basically healed now although it’ll be another month or two until the doctor says I’ll be at full strength. However I have the okay to be back shooting full time and already have a couple of assignments lined up.

Last week my wife and I headed out of town for a couple of days. It was a long weekend holiday but we snuck out two days earlier and got to avoid the crowds. I didn’t take much camera kit with me, just my small Fuji X20 and the camera in my Sony Z1 phone. The Fuji is an interesting camera. I’ve had it about 6-7 months and I’m still not completely sure how I feel about it. It was perfect for the trip last week but having been a user of SLR cameras for 25 years or so (film for 15, digital for 10), there’s something about the size and balance of my DSLR that just suits me well. Still, I was pretty happy with the photographs I created when we were away and I’m sure I’ll find a way to balance the usage of the different camera types.

Being mostly off work for a couple of months recovering from injury was an interesting experience. In the beginning, it was the first break away from commercial photography I’ve had in about 5
years, and I basically just watched movies for a few weeks. As the cast came off though and I was a bit more mobile, I started getting bored with that and began easing my way back into photography. Back in early September I stumbled upon one of the Everyday projects on Instagram and after browsing the feeds and reading a bit about the concept decided to start one for Taiwan. Thus Everyday Taiwan was born. So far all the posts have been mine but I’m opening it up to others who are interested in contributing. If you
wish to be part of it just let me know, either here, on Instagram or any of the other social media methods you prefer. And even if you don’t wish to contribute, feel free to follow the feed.

Lastly, during my time off I came up with a bunch of ideas for photography projects, personal shoots and stories. Taking time away is great for the creative mind, and I’m excited about jumping into these and getting them started.