Photo of a room in an abandoned hospital.

Old and broken in an abandoned hospital.

It’s been about 6 or 7 months since the last post here. Not exactly prolific, I know. But there is a reason for that. As I was recovering from injury last year I took the opportunity to place a critical eye over this blog, and assess where it was, where it had been and where it was going. One thing became clear – although probably 80% of my income as a photographer comes from assignments, commissioned work and licensing (the other 20% being through photo workshops and articles), the vast majority of posts on this site were aimed at photographers. Hundreds of tutorials and other lessons, product reviews and photographer interviews. All well and good, but not quite catering to the people who hire me. So a split was in order.

Late last year, my tech team helped me perform a split of my site into two different sites. Craig Ferguson Images, which is known to art buyers and photo editors, was retooled as my portfolio site, with a blog feed from Tumblr running into it. The posts there cover only work I’m shooting, whether it’s on assignment, personal projects and ideas, or just fun shoots. The rest, covering posts of interest to photographers, stays here, at this site which is now Craig Ferguson Photography. For the past 6 months or so, I’ve focused on the client side of things, hence the lack of posts here. Initially I was undecided where to take this site. There already existed a wealth of information of interest to photographers, but where to take it to in the future was the question. Does it stay as a resource site or should it continue to be built into a larger beast? Until that question was answered, I didn’t want to do anything with it, but the fact that you are reading this means the question has been answered.

This site has existed in some form or another now for about 8-9 years. Prior to moving to it, there was an additional year or two where I experimented with blogs on blogger. When things first began, blogging was the new trend. There were new ones popping up everywhere, and locally here in Taiwan, there was a good community feel to the blogging world, especially among those who were in some way photography related. Fast forward a decade, and now in 2015, things are much different. Many of the active blogs from back in the day are no longer updated, and people have largely moved to Facebook and similar sites. Some new blogs have appeared that have some nice content but that sense of community, encouragement and sharing doesn’t really exist anymore. Things have become very “me, me, me”, and the sense of community doesn’t appear to exist anymore. There’s nothing really wrong with that – a lot of blogs are just personal sites after all. In the photography world I know that I have always benefited from the community and sharing that exists. I remember back in the late 1990’s when I first considered shooting professionally, local photographers in my area were very generous with advice when I asked. This was the pre-blog, pre-digital era, and I recall one local professional suggesting that it would be worth my while to learn Photoshop. I think it was Photoshop 4.0 at the time, and a few months later I took that advice when Photoshop 5.0 was released. (That’s 5.0 not CS5). And I’ve largely tried to continue that spirit of openness and sharing, and the few hundred tutorial posts on here, and opportunities I’ve given to hobbyists and photo students to assist in a shoot, or play around with some new, unreleased gear, are part of that. It’s that sense of community that I hope to encourage here in this retooled blog.

That’s where you come in. In a throw back to the featured photographer topic that ran a few years ago, one of the things I want to do is throw the spotlight on you. This time however, I want to concentrate on the amateur, the hobbyist, the student, the people who don’t often get attention. Initially, I’m going to restrict it to photographers who are local to me in Taiwan, but we’ll look at expanding it in the future.

In addition there’ll be more tutorials and reviews, and where possible information about deals on photography gear and so forth from various companies and retailers. If there’s anything you’d specifically like to see, feel free to drop a note in the comments or hit the contact link above.