photograph of Angkor Wat by Craig Ferguson

Angkor Wat

From time to time I’m contacted by companies that want me to give review or post about their product. The problem is, most of the time what they are offering is completely unrelated to what I do as a photographer so I politely decline. Not so with Sleeklens. They offer Photoshop workflows and overlays in a variety of flavours, and were willing to give me one of my choice for free in return for a few words. So, disclaimer over, here is a look at them.

Sleeklens are a Danish company that produce Photoshop and Lightroom tools that are designed to work with you. Not so much quick-fix or all-in-one magic but tools to assist you in your editing and speed up your workflow. They also offer retouching services which lets you spend more time shooting.

They offer a number of different packages covering actions, brushes, presets and more. I opted for the Sky Overlay package for Photoshop, which consists of a series of actions as well as sky overlay images. They are fairly simple to use, and offer lots of customization through placement, opacity, blending modes and of course masking.

At this stage, I’ve only scratched the surface of what they can do but I’m very impressed so far. I was digging through an archive hard drive looking for an image the other day, and thought that some of the photographs there might be a great test for these overlays. Images shot on the Thai border in early 2005, and at Angkor Wat in 2006 would really test things out – the quality of digital sensors then didn’t leave a whole lot of leeway for pushing things in post, so if the overlays could handle them, they could handle anything.

Here are a couple more processed images using the tool, and below that, the out-of-camera originals of all three photographs.

I’d recommend you go check them out and see how they can fit into your workflow.