2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of this blog, and to celebrate the occasion I’m pleased to offer some goodies for the community of bloggers and anyone else who is interested. Over the decade of this site’s life, as well as my previous blogspot site I’ve always tried to maintain a community focus, whether it’s highlighting other photographers and bloggers, helping to run blog of the year contests, providing tutorials and critiques, or arranging discounts on photography-related goods. Starting in 2017, I’m going to be giving away photographs that can be used by you in your blogs and social media for free.

Yes, free. Just remember that it’s for your personal use but you cannot claim them under your name as the photographer. Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive, unless they give their consent. You can use them on your personal blog or other social media. Giving credit is appreciated but not a requirement.

Other than that, no strings attached. Just some cool photos that’ll make your blog stand out.

Does that mean you can just grab any photo you want? Not quite.

What will happen is that every month I’ll be providing a download link that gives you a series of photographs for your own personal use.

To get access to the photos, sign up below. The first batch will go out in early January 2017, and from then on it’ll be the first of the month.

Signup for free monthly photos

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Questions? Either comment below or send me an email. They are the only 2 ways I can promise an answer. If this is shared on social media I cannot guarantee that I’ll always see where and so won’t offer answers in comments or messages there. Email or comment on this page only.