Taipei Photo School

Have you ever wanted to have photography lessons in Taipei, Taiwan?

Do you travel to or live in or near Taipei and want to learn photography in English? There is no photography school in Taipei that teaches in English but I have started private and group lessons, for people of all skill levels.

A Photography Group in Beitou, Taiwan

A Photography Group in Beitou, Taiwan

About The Classes

Many people come to Taiwan, find themselves with a healthy disposable income and go out and buy a new digital SLR. The question then becomes “How do I use it”?

You may be someone who already knows something about photography and wants to move your hobby to a greater level.

You may be ready and eager to dive into the world of post-processing with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, or unsure of how to approach digital asset management.

You may be traveling here for a trade show and have a few spare hours and a desire to capture some good shots.

Or you may be thinking about trying to earn some money from the camera and be confused about copyright, releases and image rights.

Whatever your needs, I hope I will be able to help. I currently teach a mixture of beginners and more seasoned hobbyist photographers, each with their own list of things they want to learn more about. Students quickly feel not only more comfortable with their camera and more able to get the best from it, but also slightly more switched on to the world around them.

I teach all levels of photographer. For beginners it would be initially going over what you grasp about the basics of exposure – aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Understanding light, shadow, tone, contrast, dynamic range; these things are key to be able to get yourself to a point where you can feel in total control of the camera, rather then feeling like the camera is controlling you. This is the first objective.

Then we try to work on subjects that you like shooting and how you can get better at them. I generally do this through little projects and by us shooting together during the lessons. After that I might introduce an area of photography, in terms of subject, that you may never of thought about pursuing; macro, nature, people, still-life and so forth.

There are some technical and creative aspects to every lesson.

For the more advanced student, we may focus a new area, or your own self-perceived weak points.

Courses can be individually tailored to suit your needs or the needs of your group. No two individual students or groups are ever likely to require the same instruction.


Here’s a guide to costs. Final cost is dependent on what you require from the course, but these should give you an approximation.

One-to-one tuition: starting from NTD$1200 / hour

Group lessons: from NTD$2500 – 3500 / hour, each, depending on the number in the group.

Full day workshops are also available. Costs on request.


Classes take place at a mutually convenient location in the greater Taipei area. I am also willing to travel to other towns and cities in Taiwan for half and full day workshops.

Within Taipei, we will sometimes meet in a cafe or restaurant for discussion first, or sometimes meet directly on location where we plan to shoot.

Whatever your needs, I hope to be able to provide it. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.